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Social Responsability

TDGI, SA incorporated the formalization of the social responsibility component in its integrated management system.

Accordingly, and in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, system analysis of the social responsibility component of the performance shows that were not identified in the chain of supply of services, situations:

  • Child labor;
  • Forced and compulsory labour;
  • No assessment of health and promote safety;
  • Impediment to freedom of association and right to collective bargaining;
  • Discrimination;
  • Abusive disciplinary practices; Abusive working hours;
  • Compensation insufficient to meet basic needs.

In scope of Social Responsability, TDGI developed, in 2015:

  • More collaboration protocols with training providers. TDGI received, accompanied many learners (monitoring and training for free), providing equal conditions to employees who perform similar functions.
  • Provided its employees with logistical means for small removals in case of need;
  • Unpaid maintenance and restoration of facilities for a social institution;
  • Annual pecuniary donative to a charity institution;
  • Food products collection by employees, offered at a Social Center, as well as gift cards for basic needs;
  • Fire extinguishers delivered to Fire Departments with the purpose to assist corporation’s new elements’ formation;
  • Kept lending a vehicle to a sports club to transport its athletes;
  • Recover of several pieces of furniture association and offer to a Retirement and Elderly associations;
  • Promoted the participation of some employees in activities developed to help a local Institution.

Health Services also provided medical appointments and administration of vaccines, awareness-raising for cardiovascular dangers and smoking quitting.

At the same time, provided the logistical resources needed to carry out several blood collections that took place at Lagoas Park.

Any suggestions on the matter should be sent to: tdgi@tdgi.pt