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TDGI – Tecnologia de Gestão de Imóveis, is a member of the Teixeira Duarte Group, a widely known group in the Civil Construction and Public Works sector. We specialise in Facility Management, i.e. Global Management of Buildings, Compounds, Technical and Industrial Facilities.

It originated as a logical consequence of the activities it had already been developing over several years in this segment and of the growing request of clients who, recognising our performance throughout the construction contracts, wished to extend a trust-based relationship into management and maintenance contracts of their property.
Therefore we intend to create a partnership not only in management, maintenance and conservation of our clients’ property but also in management of operations having no direct connexion to their “core business”.

A company in our field of operation is expected to be near the client. Therefore, in addition to our head office in Lisbon, we have offices in the North and in Madeira. We also have a growing international presence through TDGI Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Algeria and Middle East.