• Facilities Management
  • Maintenance
  • Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Building Project Management
  • Energy Solutions
  • Soft Services
  • IT & Software Solutions

Building Project Management



From Layout to Construction, from workspace and active equipment requalification to installation of new equipment, from Managing and Coordinating suppliers and partnerships to monitoring the solutions implementation, we create special designs from a costs and resources optimization point of view to fulfil the client’s requirements.

Developing Layout Studies enables us to manage optimization, efficiency e functionality in the day-to-day use of areas and equipment.

Turnkey Solutions


  • Analysis of areas in use
  • Analysis of areas for future use
  • Occupational and technical programme assessment
  • Solutions Implementation
  • Tasks Planning
  • Measurements
  • Budgeting
  • Management and Coordination
  • Requalification Works
  • Centralised and Personalised Service