Visita Guiada ao Hospital de Cascais. TDGI Portugal

Cascais Hospital opened in February 2010, is exemplary by modern technological and IT resources put into practice in their management.

This was even the first hospital of the National Health Service resulting from a public-private partnership whose management and construction was awarded to the grouping formed by the Private Hospitals of Portugal (HPP) and Teixeira Duarte. The TDGI and Facility Management of the Portuguese Association opened the doors of this health unit, for the present through the prism of facility management.


Certificação NP 4457. TDGI Portugal


The TDGI recently obtained certification by NP 4457 (Research, Development and Innovation) under its Integrated Management System (SIG).

Among the main benefits of the practices Research, Development and Innovation stand out from the stimulus to the systematic and controlled removal of innovative ideas emanating from various micro and macro surroundings, as well as their analysis and their implementation.

This certification was eventually arise naturally and as a result of a company policy based on “full customer satisfaction.”

Thus, the route to NP 4457 certification, has consolidated and complement the good practices previously implemented by TDGI. (NP EN ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, EN ISO 14001, SA 8000).

NP 4457

The NP 4457 standard is to define the requirements of an effective system of Management Research, Development and Innovation (RDI), enabling organizations that adopt define an IDI policy and achieve their innovation objectives. The standard is based on a model of innovation, supported by interfaces and interactions between scientific and technological knowledge, knowledge about the organization and its operation, the market or society in general.

Source: Bureau Veritas Portugal –

Workshop Facilities Management - Hospital Cascais. TDGI Portugal

APFM in association with TDGI held on 21 June a CASE STUDY connected to the FM theme – Facility Management in Cascais Hospital, Dr. José de Almeida.


TDGI was present as official sponsor of the conference “OFFICE IN 2011”.

The GesBuilding presents itself as an innovative platform that came merge two existing investments in the market and currently used separately in the management and conduct of facilities – in OJE, Supplement “imobiliárioOJE, trends and efficiencies.”

“The great added value of TDGI is to be, above all, an engineering company, ensuring in this way a technical analysis of the problems and a constant search for solutions at all levels, enabling the customer satisfaction” reveals Marian Vassal Coimbra, head of the Department of TDGI Energy Solutions, told Viewpoints magazine, where we get to know the importance of renewable energy today and the role of TDGI this area – in public, Magazine “Viewpoints”.

SpacePartners was recently created by TDGI – Tecnologia e Gestão de Imóveis, a company of Teixeira Duarte Group, and specializes in managing business condominiums.

Although recent, has a ‘know-how in this area, able to get very positive results in reducing energy costs, as well as in its overall management.