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According to TDGI’s restructuring and growth plan, TDGI’s new Technical Training Facilities at Outurela / Carnaxide was inaugurated last 29th November.

The entire project and development of the solution was carried out by the Building Project Management area, with the aim of centralizing internal services and departments, as well as organizing and increasing the focus on internal training and development of professional skills of the TDGI teams.

APMI organized the Maintenance Days 2016 in AEP on 24 and 25 November. This event was integrated in the EMAF’2016 (Exhibition of Machine Tools).

TDGI was present in the 2016 edition, where a special emphasis was given to the theme “Maintenance Role in Industry 4.0”, which was joined by others such as “Evolution of Outsourcing”, “Safety in Maintenance”, “Management Of assets – NP EN ISO 55000/1/2 “, and” Energy efficiency “, in the latter, with the presence of Eng. Luís Borges as Speaker.

10as Jornadas APFM. TDGI Portugal

The 10th FM Conference was held on 16 and 17 November, at the MAAT – Museum of Architecture, Art and Technology, in Lisbon, where TDGI was present as a sponsor. For two days, national and international experts debated and reflected on topics such as Technology, Sustainability, Safety, Health and Productivity.

Emphasis was given to the presentation made on November 17, by Eng. Carlos Ferreira, on the Panel “Digital  FM: FM 4.0”.

TDGI started in 2015 Management and Technical Maintenance of Halliburton, and recently in the same segment, Baker Hughes, both in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, market leaders in the oil industry.

TDGIServ no Qatar

It is with great pleasure that we inform that on September 26th the TDGIServ Academy in Qatar, began. TDGIServ Academy is an organizational unit, aimed to develop workers technical skills and soft skills.

Jornadas De Facility Management Em Portugal. TDGI Portugal

TDGI have the pleasure to inform that will be present in the Facility Management Conference in Portugal, with the organization in charge of APFM, for the tenth consecutive year. The event will be attended by a number of expert speakers, discussion panels and presentation of good practices in order to promote a valuable discussion of the program themes and the main objective of launching challenges and new projects for the sector in 2017.

The event takes place on 16 and 17 November, between 9h and 18h in MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon.

FM e Manutenção – Hospital Moriah. TDGI Portugal

Last August, TDGI started the work in HOSPITAL MORIAH contract under FM and Maintenance Management.

The Moriah Hospital is one of the most advanced in Latin America, and came up with the proposal to innovate health care in medical and surgical segment, offering a complete service and excellence.

Formação contínua das equipas da TDGI

Under the investment in training of teams TDGI , is nearing completion of the project Polo Technical Training Outurela / Carnaxide .

The new facilities are aimed at centralizing various areas of TDGI , such as the Central Warehouse, Central Purchasing , technical workshops, Tooling and Equipment , promoting the improvement of conditions , operation and responsiveness.

It is the aim of TDGI with the Technical Pole increase efficiency , organization , interconnection and communication of all these areas of great importance for the development of the company’s activity, with all TDGI activity sectors.

Lagoas Summer Break. TDGI Portugal

Last June, held the 10th edition of Ponds Summer Break. Like the previous editions, TDGI collaborated with the organizing team throughout the event with a key role in carrying out various technical works , maintenance and support by management and Lagoas Park Maintenance team .

This year, SmartFood team also collaborated for this event , with the completion of various special services and catering to all the artists who were part of the edition poster from year Ponds Summer Break.