Cafetaria Caffè. TDGI Portugal


The Coffee CAFFÈ was developed by TDGI SA, a company of Teixeira Duarte Group for the Facilities Management area and that operates in the Collective Catering business with its brand Smartfood, among other activities.

Smartfood is currently running in 10 clients, producing arround 1,300 meals a day.

Under this activity, Smartfood take place in three spaces at Lagoas Park, two of them open to every public – the restaurant “Bom Prato” (Building 03) and” Cafeteria CAFFÈ “(Building 14).

At this new space, with a new concept inspired by nature, you can enjoy light meals such as burgers, salads and bruschettas, but also more complete dishes based on traditional Portuguese recipes.

Cafeteria CAFFÈ has an area of 120 m2 and has about 50 seats and is open to the 2ªF 6ªF between 8am and 18h.