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The AD&SE department supplied and installed in one of its international clients, in the IT area, a solar photovoltaic energy production plant.

Mobilidade Elétrica. TDGI Portugal

The “National Plan for Energy and Climate 2030” (PNEC) provides for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, considering, among other issues, innovation and competitiveness, the incorporation of energy from renewable sources and energy efficiency .

Strengthen renewable energy sources and promote sustainable mobility with some goals to reduce the country’s energy dependence.

This may be the time for companies to reassess their companions, they are not talking about an energy transition.

Link to or see the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030:

Department of Energy Solutions:

See the Evolution of the Refurbishment  carried out by GEO, TDGI.

Demolition, Refurbishment and expansion of the existing building under the northern bench, adapted to the Arts and Library Center, and connection to the existing building through a metal platform, and construction of a mezzanine in the arts studio.

1921 – 2021: 100 anos de Teixeira Duarte

Referring back to the work of its founder, Engineer Ricardo Esquível Teixeira Duarte, Teixeira Duarte has broadened its activities from water collection and drilling, to Geotechnics and Foundations, to Buildings and, later, to Infrastructures and all other areas of Construction, including, a few decades later, the Concessions and Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, Distribution and Automotive sectors.

Today, after 100 years, the group of more than 180 companies that constitute one of the main Portuguese Economic Groups, ensures an activity in more than 20 countries, in four continents, by the commitment and dedication of 9,000 employees.

A journey based on Ingenuity, Truth and Commitment, which makes us proud, which teaches us and inspires us to continue to “Execute, contributing towards the construction of a better world”!

TDGI as the official representative in Portugal of the THOR® brand, developed solutions with fixed and mobile systems for disinfection by UV-C radiation. Technology at your service, Contact us

14ª Jornadas APFM. TDGI Portugal

14ª Jornadas APFM. TDGI Portugal

This is the main event on Facility Management in Portugal, bringing in professionals, researchers, occupiers and service providers from several countries

In a virtual setting there is no space limitation nor wasting time between the trade area and the conference rooms.

Don’t ever lose someone else’s business card or risk forgeting with whom you had that intersting conversation.

Our conference is the right opportunity for you to discover the best practices and services available in the market.